This Policy is constituted of three parts. Part One is the Endowment Fund Policy which comprises of introduction, policy implementation, governance structure, gift acceptance, conflict of interest and monitoring and evaluation as main chapters; Part Two is composed of implementation guidelines while Part Three constitutes the Investment Policy Guidelines.
The University of Embu Endowment Fund is inclusive, embracing permanent, quasi and term endowments. Within this grouping, all endowing partners can endow the University in any area of their interest. The main objective of this Policy is to provide a framework that guides various endowing individuals and organizations to establish a self-sustaining Endowment Fund to enable
the Board of Trustees realize its Vision and Mission.
The Endowment Fund derives its authority from the Constitution of Kenya, 2010; Leadership and Integrity Act, 2012; Proceeds of Crime and Anti-Money Laundering Act, 2009; Public Finance Management Act, 2012. Trustee Act, 1982; Universities Act, 2012; Universities Act, 2012; University of Embu Council minutes, Minute Number 3CNL/2R/2016/44 dated 16th September 2016, pursuant to the University Charter, Part 5, read together with the University of Embu Endowment Fund Trust Deed and any other applicable Kenyan law governing endowment fund
The Board of Trustees appointed by the Council is responsible for mobilizing resources for the Fund and ensuring sufficient investment returns. Fundraising will mainly target bequests, donations, gifts and investment returns. Investment of the Fund will be done through credible investment managers with an aim of capital growth and preservation. Grants, donations and gifts will be well managed to ensure they grow the Fund. To avoid personal interests overriding the interests of the Fund, the Leadership and Integrity Act, 2012 will be adhered to.  

To qualify for a standalone fund, donors will be expected to endow over Kenya Shillings Five Million (KES 5,000,000) and Kenya Shillings Ten Million (KES 10,000,000) for Term and Permanent endowments respectively. Equivalent amount can be paid in a currency covertable to Kenyan Shilling. Donations that are less than Kenya Shillings Five Million (KES 5,000,000) will be pooled together into one fund to be determined by the Board. When investing, tactical asset allocation will be done such that all asset classes will give an annual return of at least 200 base points. Performance monitoring and evaluation will be carried out to ensure that investment is done in areas with minimal risk tolerance.